Thursday, January 06, 2005


After watching more of the coverage of the electoral challenge today, one thing stands out above all others. The republicans are appallingly rude, dismissive, and derisive of their opposition. So many of these sanctimonious crooks made comments about the waste of time they were being forced to endure and how they were being put upon by crazed conspiracists, that you could almost put a melody to the recurring theme. Yet people like Obama, the presumed golden boy of the liberals, kept making all kinds of conciliatory statements to reflect their "bipartisanship," comments about how little w. actually did win the Ohio election legitimately (I though that was what they were supposed to determine, not what they were supposed to have a decision about before the debates) and they weren't disputing it, they just wanted to talk about broader aspects of the process.

What a bunch of tripe. No Bush supporters were reaching across any aisles today, they were full of self-righteous invective, and the people who should have been aggressively forcing explanations for the legitimate issues in the Conyers report were instead acting like beaten wives, afraid to upset their abusers by actually standing up them. These people just don't realize that the only way they will ever win an election again is not by trying to figure out how to win, it's by standing up for what is right and what is in the spirit of this land of the free. If they can't figure that out, it's really time for a new party. This one has lost its gonads.


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