Thursday, January 06, 2005

not participating is participating

It pains me to beat up the people who tried to defeat Bush last year, but when they deserve it, they deserve it. FOX "News" today reported on today's challenge to the election results that it was "important to note" that John Kerry was not involved in today's challenge and was not even in the United States, but was instead visiting Iraq. Later on, they pointed out that Kerry's running mate, John Edwards, did not participate in the challenge either.

In other words, Mr. Kerry, by not having the balls to stand up for yourself, the people who smeared you so viciously have now successfully used the absence of you and your running mate today as an argument in favor of the legitimacy of the election. Many people will easily be duped by the "they aren't against us, so they must be with us" false dilemma of that line of reasoning. When are the liberals in this country going to realize that these people don't want to co-exist with us, they want to eliminate and exterminate all who disagree with them? For crying out loud, people, our very way of life is at stake, what more has to happen to get liberals to quit being doormats and stand up and fight for what is right?


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