Tuesday, January 04, 2005

strange turncoat of phrase

Today, a group of high-ranking U.S. military luminaries issued a public statement regarding their strong disagreement with the positions Attorney General candidate Albert Gonzales has taken regarding treatment of captured opponents and suspected opponents in our chimp-in-chief's war on everybody but his supporters. Just as they always do any time that someone criticizes the administration of little w., one of his flying monkeys, in this case hired ass-kisser Scottie McClelland came forward and reminded us that "these individuals are people that supported the campaign of the President's opponent. So let's keep that in mind when we're talking about these individuals."

Well, that sure is a lot easier than logically debating issues. That's just the same as saying "these people disagree with me, which of course discredits them," isn't it? How convenient it must be to live in a reality-free universe.


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