Thursday, October 14, 2004


So, according to Lynne Cheney, John Kerry is "not a good man" because he had the temerity to say kind and supportive things about her openly gay daughter, Mary Cheney, comments that Mrs. Cheney called "cheap and tawdry." Of course, Alan Keyes recently said homosexuals were "selfish hedonists" and "sinners," and specifically affirmed that his description applied to Mary Cheney, saying "that goes by definition." Did Dick and Lynne Cheney criticize that blatantly insulting condemnation? Of course not. This simply supports the concept that they secretly agree with Alan Keyes, share his bigotry, and are ashamed of their daughter simply because of her inborn sexual preference.


Blogger Phil said...

I believe that Lynn Cheney was nice in her comments about Kerry. He is a traitor. Plain and simple. He doesn't understand the role of the Vietnam War, or the cold war. He never will. Politics, especially in this country, are more important than theory. He didn't see the big picture then, and still doesn't get it. The military will not follow him anymore than they followed the draft dodger. Even less.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Fenrir the Wolf said...

To Phil:

Kerry is many things: boring, self-serving, oppertunistic, brave(for his Vietnam service), but one of the things he is not is a traitor. John Kerry SERVED his country, and earned his Purple Heart, and then joined a movement that many former soliders were in. Kerry probably could have done what George W., Dick Cheney, and Bill Clinton did during that war, but he didn't. John McCain knows who Kerry is, and he also knows how Bush is a scum-sucking pig.

1:06 PM  

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