Wednesday, October 13, 2004

not in the closet, locked in the attic

With their gay daughter being mentioned in both the Edwards-Cheney debate and in tonight's final installment of the presidential face-off, the response of the Cheneys has been telling. Both times, both Dick and Lynne responded to non-critical, polite, and supportive references to their daughter with an air of "how dare you mention her" that makes it appear they deal with her absolutely acceptable personal sexual preference as though it were a handicap or a deformity, as though in simpler times she would have been imprisoned in the home as an article of shame and personal humiliation or perhaps maintained in a discreet private sanitarium somewhere out of town. How very sad.


Blogger Phil said...

This is very simple. He said if you would ask Cheney's daughter. Well, she wouldn't have talked to him. He was attempting to make a political point. He could have used his friend Barney Frank, who he might have discussed the issue with, but instead he tried to embarress the child of the VP. To date, children have been off limits. Let's not break that rule. It would be very ugly...

10:21 PM  

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