Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Republican mathematics

On today's "Crossfire," substitute co-host former football player and sports anchorman and now Congressman from Arizona, J.D. Hayworth, filling in for Robert Novak, was discussing the administration's funding of various educational programs. At one point, he said "now, I know math is something we don't study real well on Capital Hill, but it sounds to me that fifty-seven billion dollars is a lot bigger than forty-two billion. That's an increase of thirteen billion dollars."

Choose a punch line or write your own:

1. Once again, a couple of billion taxpayer dollars are unaccounted for. Better check Halliburton's deposit slips.

2. So much for being the party of education.

3. No wonder the Republicans can't balance the budget.

4. See, jocks really do stay that dumb.


Blogger Phil said...

I'm sorry I am continuing to post. I am new to blogs, and came across yours. I intended to post a quick response, but it seems I can't quit.

My question is who is responsible for funding education? I think we need to eliminate the US Dept of Ed, and return the issue to the states. Why does the Feds need to be involved?

10:15 PM  

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