Sunday, October 31, 2004

time for a new deck

It's come to the point in this campaign where the Bush supporters that are left are the real hardcore "base" constituents of this administration's supporters. A lot of them understand that this president has a less-than-perfect record for the last four years, but they frequently seem to have made the leap of faith that Bush's portrayal of the situation, that circumstances and situations just haven't gone his way, that he has done wonderful things but just hasn't had the best of luck while president.

All right, let's accept that as a premise. If that is indeed the way that anybody feels, I have one question. If this president is so unlucky as to have so many things go so badly for him (the September 11th attacks, oil prices, a tanking economy, rising unemployment, being unable to catch Bin Laden, finding none of the purported weapons in Iraq, and all of the other issues that the challenger is running on) then don't you think it's time to find somebody with BETTER LUCK?


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