Friday, October 29, 2004

Bush is finally uniting us!

I've been watching election coverage and interviews all day today, and I have noticed an amazing trend. Without any exceptions, every single Republican operative I've seen has been in defensive mode, on the run, and grasping at straws. They try to portray themselves as rational, moderated, calm, and in control, but they all have panic in their eyes and quavers in their voices. Best of all, reporters, while they aren't very good at it yet, are starting to act almost like real journalists and actually challenging them on their bull and asking harder questions. I honestly think we have the momentum and we just need to maintain it the next few days and get people out to vote. The biggest single fear the Bush campaign has is a high voter turnout. The more people who go to the polls, the better Kerry's chances are. Spread the word, be a pest to everyone you know, they need to understand that this is the big time. There has never been as much at stake in this country as there is now. Let's take this land of ours back from these dishonest and self-serving scoundrels, and on Tuesday send them packing with their tails between their legs!


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