Sunday, October 31, 2004

Benedict Arnolds!

Ooh, that damned CBS. Just like them, right before the elections to demonstrate that anti-Bush bias and show how our soldiers are getting the short end of the stick and having to use PLYWOOD on their Hummers to try to stay alive in Iraq. Telling everyone in the world that our politicians would rather pay for Lewis and Clark festivities and running tracks than details like body armor, bullets, and radios for the guys dodging RDX and HMX bombs on every open stretch of road. Aid and comfort to the enemy, I say, aid and comfort to the enemy.

Let's see, the annual defense budget, let's call it four hundred billion, just for a round number. And, for ease, let's use two million for the size of our armed forces. That means that the defense budget allows two hundred thousand dollars per capita for every military person in any United States uniform. Shouldn't we expect better?


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