Monday, April 19, 2010

funny shit

So Lindsay "Huckleberry" Graham has been accused by a speaker at a Tea Party of selling out to Obama because the Democrats are blackmailing him over his closeted homosexuality. The Tea Party "infiltration" bit from last week has made people who are by nature paranoid and suspicious even more so, to the point where they are biting each other like a school of hungry piranhas. As soon as a Tea Party attendee shows any deviation from the herd's positions, they are attacked and accused of being an imposter and a plant. I have been saying for years that this was the natural ultimate outcome of the right-wing authoritarian mindset and that once it starts rolling, they will kill each other off until the final battle for ultimate purity. Modern "conservatism" is like the Highlander - "there can be only one." Make some popcorn, get a Big Gulp, and sit back and enjoy the show.

Nut Gobblers, er, Tea Baggers of the USA, leeeeeeeeeeet's get ready to ruuuuumblllllle!!!


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