Sunday, February 08, 2009

Downbound Train

Sadly, America's best days may be behind her, but not because of the Democratic congress or our new leader, President Obama. It's because the friends and associates of our previous "president", george w bush, shit all over the constitution, pissed away the budget surplus and dragged the economy and the rest of the world through the mud in the name of "democracy". For the last 8 years America has been raped, pillaged and plundered by corporate American giants and other special interests, with the complete cooperation of the former administration. Even if Obama gets cooperation from the shamed, tattered and still defiant remains of the republican party, and even if he gets every move right, we are still headed for a train wreck. We have yet to find out if the train will completely derail and throw all 304 million Americans into the swamp, (where they'll be followed shortly by the rest of the world's population) or if the train will just break down for a while and only a few million people will be off-loaded into the swamp. Either way we are screwed and it's not Obama's fault.

Blame the decider. Blame the guy in the wheelchair who stood up for his friends in corporate America but wouldn't stand up for the black man at his inauguration. Unfortunately, neither one of those responsible had investments with Bernie Madoff. It would have made a sweet ending.


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