Sunday, February 08, 2009


I realized this evening that I am at the same point in my relationship with my country of birth that I was at in my marriage when things started falling to pieces, and it all comes down to the same question.

Why should I continue loving a United States that doesn't love me?

Why should the citizens of this country continue to support a nation that overnights billions of dollars in assistance to the wealthy people who have manufactured our current problems, but balks and drags its feet and talks about "nanny states" when the people who pay for those bailouts are in untenable positions?

Why should the citizens of this country support a government that gives themselves premium health care but permits the health care system to ignore the sickest and most vulnerable ordinary people even unto their deaths?

Why should the citizens of this country bleed and die on foreign sand to prop up the cowards that wouldn't fight for it themselves?

Why should the citizens of this country live on smaller and smaller shares of the wealth they generate for the very people who are slicing their portions ever thinner?

If there are no good answers to these questions, is there any reason to save the United States?


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