Monday, December 22, 2008

I haz found a flavor

In a couple of weeks, the Freeloader will have owned me for two years. He is such a wonderful kitty that I've spent a lot of time trying to find some way to treat him. He enjoys a little catnip blast now and then, taking after his daddy, but though I've tried traditional kitty yummies like turkey, chicken, steak, hamburger, cheese, ham, tuna, Fancy Feast, and numerous other things that would disappear before they hit the floor with the other kids, all have been to no avail. I have let him sniff at food I was eating if he wanted, to see if there was something I hadn't suspected that might get him excited but he just sniffed and walked away.

Last night I was doing a little shopping and I picked something up that is a very occasional, once-or-twice-a-year kind of craving for me, made a sandwich with it, and had a little bit left over, so just to be polite I cut it into small kitty bite-size pieces, put it on a plate, and set it on the floor. There were probably twenty-five or thirty little pieces, and it was gone almost by the time I straightened back up.

The big dork loves baloney.


Blogger Ronni said...

It's odd, what they like. I had one that liked tomatoes. I still don't know why...

6:40 AM  

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