Monday, December 22, 2008

I suppose it's progress

It's another c-c-c-cold night in K-K-Kansas, and I just went out to put some food and liquid water out for the Squirt. Normally, when I open the inside door she shoots out of her little kitty nest and waits out of reach for me to replenish the provender, and then once I close the door she comes back and eats and drinks and then probably goes back to the shelter to snooze. Tonight was different. I opened the door, looked all around, and no Squirt in sight. I even peeked around the corner to see if she might be sitting on the downstairs atrium window cover where Catland meets the outdoors. No Squirt. I walked back up on the porch and lifted up the blankies covering the entrance to the nest, and there was a Squirt! I said "well, hello" and she pinned back her ears and hissed at me but stayed where she was. Then I said goodnight and went back inside.

So, I guess we've finally conversed for the first time.


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