Thursday, December 18, 2008

let's be REALLY inclusive, okay?

So our new president is going to kick off his administration of change by having the odious Rick Warren preside over a superstitious ritual at the inauguration ceremony. It's an example of how Obama is "reaching out" to social conservatives. Of course, Rick Warren vehemently campaigned for the retraction of already-granted civil rights for gay Americans, the vast majority of whom supported Obama and helped put him in the historic position he is in now, via California's recent Proposition 8 battle, all the while defending his bigotry from the unassailable bastion of his "beliefs."

I'm cool with all that... long as Obama also sees fit to also invite a white supremacist to speak honestly and openly about his fervent "beliefs." Perhaps he might then understand the disappointment and anger that is being directed at him, not by his detractors, but by his supporters. The right isn't going to like Obama no matter what he does, and alienating and insulting people who worked hard to get him elected is not going to change that.

I question the sanity of this country even more every day.


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