Sunday, October 05, 2008

confidence booster

I've been waiting for this weekend for a couple of months now. I have been thinking for that long that the big showdown this weekend would give us a good idea of where the country really is and would be a highly accurate predictor of the results of the coming presidential election.

The answer is, it really looks like Obama will win. On what am I basing this, you ask?

Box office results.

You see, this weekend, the Bill Maher film "Religulous" opened. So did the "conservative comedy" called "An American Carol" (or the alternate title, "Michael Moore is Fat!") The weekend results are in, and here's the takes for the films:

"An American Carol" opened in 1639 theatres across the country. It grossed $3,810,000, or $2,325 per screen.

"Religulous" opened in only 502 theatres, but grossed $3,500,000 for an average of $6,972 per screen.

Americans are voting with their entertainment dollars, and the right lost to two of their most despised figures, Michael Moore and Bill Maher.

We might have a chance after all!


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