Friday, October 03, 2008

and have a better tomorrow

As one who has never become and does not desire becoming a parent, I have never been particularly moved by children. Nor has the Obama camp's message of "hope" ever been a big motivator for me in this election, I just want good, honest governance that acts in the spirit and the letter of the law and the Constitution of the United States.

However, in my morning blog perusals, I visited and saw this picture.

It made me cry.

Here, in the eyes of one ordinary American girl, is the embodiment of what Barack Obama means to millions of people in the United States of America. The look of ecstatic wonder on the face of one too young to be jaded, too young to have stopped hoping, and too young to have checked out of society, explains without a single word why his campaign has been able to accomplish what it has and may be able to defeat the authoritarian horde that has grasped the reins of power for far too long.

The radiance of her eyes tells of a love of the possibilities of the future, a future that is finally open to her and to millions of ordinary Americans who have been long disenfranchised and cast aside and told that they have no place at the table, that their lives will be mundane existences of service to an uncaring ruling class, and that if they know what's good for them they will stay in their place.

It is the look that citizens everywhere are starting to display, the look of of promise, the look that says "I, too, matter, and I too can share in the dream of freedom and the promise of equality" even after generations of forced subservience and helplessness.

It is the look of tomorrow.

Give this good man the chance to run our country. He will not disappoint us, and he may be able to counteract the decades of bad faith, fear, and usurpation of the principles upon which this country was founded.

This is the face of hope. It is the face of pride. It is the face of yearning. It is the face of wonderment. It is the face of the dream. It is the face of the future. It is the face of every positive thing that this nation has ever stood for.

It is our face.


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