Friday, September 19, 2008

injecting some risk

It seems to me that the biggest problem with this enormous government bailout of the finance industry is that it permits these people to get away with their stupidity and their dishonesty without having to pay any price for it, while our nation gets plunged into debt the likes of which no country on this planet has ever experienced.

If it is necessary to do this for the sake of our national and even global economy, let's throw in some penalties for those who have created the problem so that nobody is ever tempted to play these kinds of financial games with our collective futures again.

Let's take the names of every person in a decision-making capacity in each of the companies who are going to receive this largesse of the American people, and the names of each and every bureaucrat from the President on down who enabled the lack of oversight and regulation that has created this situation, put them all in a hat, and once every day, until the funds are repaid with interest to the country, draw one of their names and hang one of them in the middle of Times Square and broadcast the event for free on nation-wide television.

Let's see how fucking fast they clean up their acts then.


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