Friday, September 19, 2008

speaking of pirates

I've been stolen from before. I'm sure I'll be stolen from again. It's the way of the world, some people are going to appropriate things that aren't theirs and some people are going to have their stuff taken without their permission.

Generally speaking, it is an irritant and an inconvenience to be stolen from, and there are times when being stolen from can be completely catastrophic.

One thing for sure though, I've never had anyone who stole from me go on television and calmly and pedantically explain that they were stealing from me in order to make my life more secure.

The citizens of the United States are now the victims of the greatest theft in history. Our government has decided to take a trillion dollars (or more) out of our shared pockets in order to support the criminals who have stolen from us with great success for decades, and yet who managed to fritter away all of the money they stole and are now in dire financial trouble. We are being told that if we let these thieves fall flat on their faces and suffer the consequences of their theft that we will be the ones who suffer the worst consequences. Yet doing so means that these very criminals do not suffer in the slightest for their mendacity even as the rest of us are forced into hard times despite not having been responsible for it. How would you feel if a murderer was set free and you were placed in their cell even though you were not involved in their crime?

These criminals should not be rewarded. They should be dancing at the ends of nooses in the public square. If our government does not represent us, it is not our government, it is our enemy.

The time to choose is upon us. Choose wisely, for there won't be another chance.


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