Sunday, August 24, 2008

What issues?

Every four years the scene is repeated. Candidates appear at bars, restaurants, biker rallies, bowling alleys, and numerous other places you would never find them at any other time. They pitch horseshoes, down shots, talk “localese” and try to appear to be one of the crowd. All this to make voters believe, even for a moment, that they (the candidates) are “one of us”. Here’s a little hint: They aren’t, and most never were. Even those with modest backgrounds have long forgotten their roots, traveling in circles and going places most of us would never be found, or even allowed.

George Bush played the role to perfection. Born into money and power, he was given a company, a ball team, and the privileged life, yet in his flannels clearing brush at the farm, he sold himself as just one of the people.

Fast forward to 2008. If you are an Obama supporter, McCain is out of touch because he’s worth $100Million, wears $500 shoes, can’t remember how many houses he has, and is the son and grandson of Admirals. If you are a McCain supporter, Obama is out of touch because he lives in a mansion, eats arugula instead of iceberg, and uses fancy words. Both show up at local institutions, roll up their sleeves, drink a beer and throw a ball, all to let us know they can relate to our lot in life. What I would love to know (although I suspect I already know the answer) is how many times they did this before the election? My guess is close to zero.

Both men go home every day to their mansions and spend weekends at the country club or hobnobbing with rich and powerful people. So for once can we please stop playing the “Who’s more out of touch” game and start talking policies and issues?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...and start talking policies and issues?"

Good luck with that one, not that in the past when they had talked issues and policies, while lying through their teeth... anyone was ever held in contempt for perjury later on.

But I do agree, these guys have both gotten off the hook on many issues and details ( i wonder if both of thier "flip-flopping" on several issues has anything to do with it)


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