Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I am a member of the Angry Democrat News Network

I just don’t get it. Every day, McCain says or does something that Obama can use in some national ad, but he doesn’t. These are big things, like Kerry’s “I voted for it before I voted against it”. Every one could run over and over and become a central theme, but Obama keeps talking about hope and the future. His policies are sound, I think, but that’s not getting through. Neither is any effective attack on McCain, who is such an easy target. Examples:

1. When asked how he defined “rich”, McCain said anyone who makes over $5million a year. And he’s supposed to feel the pain of the average citizen?

2. McCain has opposed a timetable for Iraq pullout even while the administration is negotiating one

3. Yesterday, McCain said “I don’t disagree” when a woman said that she felt we need to reinstate the draft in order to catch Bin Laden

4. McCain says he’s for conservation, yet he has missed 8 out of 8 most recent critical votes on the matter

5. Then there are the flip flops:

a. Immigration
b. Offshore drilling
c. Embracing the religious right
d. Bush tax cuts

The list goes on and on (and so do I sometimes, but I digress). If the parties were reversed, Republicans would jump all over every one of these, and use them very effectively in defining their opponent. But the Democrats continue to talk about vague notions like hope and change. They can continue to talk about it until they lose.

I don't think it's just Obama's folks, it is the Democratic party in general.
Are they taking the high road because they don't want to stoop to the level?
We'll be screwed for yet another 4 years, and quite possibly, permanently.

Are they taking the high road until after the convention--to then get down and dirty? It will be too late. Do you realize how many people who heard the "Saddam Hussein/World Trade Center 9/11" chant so many times they STILL believe it, even though it's been disproved and an admitted hoax by the administration?

Perhaps they really just don't want to win and be stuck with the mess. The economy is so tenuous now, perhaps they want to let it fail on their watch. They want to BE SURE the blame goes on the Republicans.

MoveOn is the only organization who's keeping the gloves on, but they have no credibility with the right, so no one will listen to them.


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