Monday, August 04, 2008


Considering how hard the McCain campaign has already had to start scraping the bottom of the barrel for this election, what with the Obama/Moses and the Obama/Britney/Paris television advertisements, the Obama/antichrist email being sent around, and all of the other crass and petty little tactics they are using because they lack any real substance to discuss, here's what I predict will be the refinement of strategy we will see this week.

Remember the fooforaw last week about Barack Obama being too thin and exercise-conscious to be serious enough to be president, and the right-wing-noise-machine branding of him as presumptuous and arrogant, which are really just code words for "uppity?"

This week will bring the introduction of the "metrosexual" meme. They will begin to portray him as suspiciously pretty and too concerned about his appearance, and Maureen Dowd ("must be tiring lugging around that giant brain, M[s] Dowd") will write one of her catty "I can't find a man that will put up with my attitude, so I'm going to piss on all of them" columns that vomits up gay innuendo about Obama based upon the projection of her own private fears and inadequacies. In a truly Rovian trick, the right wingers are simultaneously branding Obama as the superbad negro who will fuck your rich blonde daughters and as a foppish dandy with insufficient testosterone to be the Commander in Chief.

It's time to start branding John McCain as the geriatric snowbird and trophy husband he is. I've seen several pictures of him lately in which he, in his cardigans, blazers, jammed-on trucker cap, and Italian loafers, looks exactly like the multitudes of retired or semi-retired who are affluent enough to own summer homes in Florida, and who queue up for the 4:00 PM Early Bird luncheons at Morrison's Cafeterias along Highway A1A every day.

Fair's fair.


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