Thursday, July 31, 2008

what's lower than pond scum?

The expensively-dressed and all-too-influential pundits on Hardball were just arguing about the McCain campaign's use of Barack Obama's middle name of "Hussein" as being equivalent to the use of "Milhous," as in Richard Milhous Nixon. Much discussion was given over to the notion that "Hussein" is a Muslim name.


Last I heard, names aren't religious. They are cultural. "Hussein" is an Arab or a Middle Eastern name. It may commonly be found in countries with large Arab populations, and it may commonly be found attached to humans who are members of the Muslim religion. It is also used by people who are not.

The only reason Obama's name is being fussed over by the right is to paint him as having some kind of terrorist affinity. They are doing it to insinuate that he may not be a true American and might even harbor some sort of malicious intent against the United States of America. That is repugnant, racist, and intolerable in a free society.

Of course Pat Buchanan thinks it's just peachy, that there's nothing wrong with doing that because, in his words, "but it's working!"

So, if I spread the rumor that Pat Buchanan likes to fuck five year-old boys because he's a Catholic and I manage to get him fired, is there nothing wrong with that either? After all, it would have "worked," and in Pat's nixonian world-view, that's the only thing that matters. Truth, integrity, honesty, dignity, gentlemanly fair play, none of those things count to a single one of them. It's not just winning, it's winning at any cost that determines the boundaries of propriety for these treacherous scumbags.

I have no idea how these subhuman creatures can live with themselves. Four more years of their rule and this country will cross over the line to totalitarian fascism. If we don't start to fight back and make them fear us, we are dead.


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