Friday, August 01, 2008

fat of the land

Today's Murdoch Street Journal asks the serious question "is Barack Obama too slender to be president?" You see, America is a land of out-of-shape couch potatoes who just can't get comfortable with the idea of a healthy person who tries to stay fit in the midst of a busy and hectic schedule, and Obama's workout schedule makes his patriotism and very American-ness suspect. Conveniently overlooking the very public exercise program of our chimpanzee-in-chief and his "office wife," the Journal posits that in these troubled times, we need a chunky chief executive.

Well, okay then.

Mr. Gore, your country needs you. Even the Wall Street Journal thinks so. And just to be safe, I'd like to recommend that you choose Michael Moore, whose bellyful of patriotism is obvious to all observers, for your Vice-President.


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