Monday, February 11, 2008

the shoe's up the other ass now

It looks like the Washington Republican primary results are going to get very interesting. The head of the Washington GOP stopped the vote count when only 87% of the votes had been tallied and called the final for McCain, and the Huckabee campaign is very upset and is promising legal action. They insist that all of the votes should be counted and that there is no good reason to declare the results before that has been done.

It's funny how important actually counting votes has become to Huckabee's campaign with him being a member of the party that was so insistent that Bush be declared victorious in Florida, despite there being enough uncounted votes remaining to have given Al Gore the presidency.

Fortunately, Mike, the Republicans are the party of honor. Just because you won the other two primaries the same day and even though this one was an extremely close race, if they say you lost, it must be true. You're in the good and honest hands of your fellow principled conservatives, so just trust them.

After all, what could go wrong?


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