Friday, February 08, 2008

first-round KO

It's about fucking time. It should have been Chris Matthews, who got off with a sideways and half-assed apology a couple of weeks ago for saying that Hillary only got elected Senator because people felt sorry for her over Bill's extramarital activities, but David Shuster has just been suspended by MSNBC for his on-air "pimping her out" crack yesterday about the classy and lovely Chelsea Clinton.

The media got used to lambasting Clintons who were not able to fight back because of their public service positions, but now that Bill is a private citizen again and his arms aren't tied behind his back, he has taken the fight to the hideously juvenile and opinionated cadre of putative journalists with which our country is currently infected.

He first smacked the shit out of FOX "news" and has now put the hammer down on MSNBC, both of whom deserve every single ounce of contempt and rancor that can be rained down upon them for polluting the discourse that determines our nation's future. Olbermann is fine, but he does not undo the damage that Matthews, Carlson and Scarborough do.

How do you like Bill Clinton now, Dave Shuster? He just forced you to do what Monica did of her own free will, only he made you do it in public and against your will, and all the mouthwash in the world will never take that taste away.

You have been pwned by the Clenis.


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