Monday, December 24, 2007

President Gantry, I presume?

The Huckabee campaign is really starting to flog the fundamentalist horse it has used to give his candidacy a recent bump in the polls. Commenting on all of the ruckus over his "floating cross" commercial of last week, Huckabee was quoted this weekend regretfully saying that while you can discuss lots of other things "as soon as you mention jesus the whole world gets upset."

Of course, we are supposed to understand his Mayberry "aw, shucks" wide-eyed naive surprise at what was a perfectly innocent invocation of his religion that had absolutely nothing, nothing to do with his trying to work up the christianist freaks that form his base and to add a few more to the pack, was a perfectly genuine display and not as contrived as it seems. And it was just a coincidence that a glowing crucifix hovered slowly behind him during his non-campaign holiday wishes commercial and he isn't really a duplicitous little counterfeit hayseed, he's just misunderstood and persecuted.

Go Huck yourself, Mike.


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