Friday, December 14, 2007

our eternal shame

For a week now we have watched the surreal spectacle of carefully-groomed political operatives and media professionals calmly debate just how much torture our country should be permitted to use on helpless captives, and what is the national moral dilemma that the television news networks are laser-targeted on this morning?

How we should punish baseball players for using steroids.

These fucking people are wringing their hands over how they should "tell the children" that their "heroes" are users of illegal drugs.

Stress positions.
Sleep deprivation.
Sexual humiliation.
Frigid temperatures.
Violating international treaties.
Ignoring the Geneva Convention.
Non-stop music at high volumes.
The eradication of habeas corpus.
Psychological and physical trauma.
Mercenaries accountable to no law.
Black sites where people disappear.

The moral correctness of these things is subject to debate and they must be not be criticized because that is tantamount to supporting the terrorists. The ultimate expression of "look what you made me do to you," the predictable call of the sociopathic abuser performed on the international level, brings only polite discourse.

Self-indulgent, overpaid juveniles in adult bodies chasing balls while they take horse hormones to enhance their performance in meaningless games?

This causes an avalanche of righteous indignation because it will have to be explained to the children.

I love America, but I sure despise a lot of Americans.


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