Thursday, December 13, 2007

free speech

This last couple of days have been a real revelation. All over the news shows, there have been well-dressed vipers from the right-wing side of the fence sitting on camera and calmly and with measured and reasonable tones expounding the propriety of and need for this government to torture people, and going so far as to state in so many words that when we do it, it isn't actually torture because everybody knows we are the good guys. These wretches are being permitted to use the hideous euphemism "enhanced" interrogation as though a sanitized turn of phrase negates the horror of the country that used to be a beacon to the world resorting to the techniques of all of the petty warlords that have plagued this planet through history.

I understand that it is their right to espouse and support this position.

What I can't understand is that not one commentator on television has stood up and told any of these scoundrels to get the fuck out of the studio before they get their reprehensible asses beaten like the rabid vermin they are. These monstrous perverts need to be taken into the woods, get John Gibson's "five to the noggin" treatment, and be unceremoniously dumped into a shallow grave. They have given up their right to claim to be human and to claim to be American.

In the Sixties and Seventies, liberals weren't ashamed or afraid to stand up and call out these people for the paranoid lunatics they are. Today, they are politely engaged in courteous debate and their repugnant ideals are granted undeserved dignity.

The United States of America has a contract with all citizens. We are a nation of laws, not men. In return for the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, we accept a certain amount of risk. Each and every citizen is expendable in the defense of the Constitution. Every president and legislator swears to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not the citizens. If we give up protecting the Constitution in favor of protecting the people, we are no longer the United States of America.

The moment we overturned the principles upon which this nation was founded, we became yet another banana republic. Unless we put an end to this madness immediately and begin impeachment proceedings and war crimes trials for the highest-ranking members of this administration and all of their enablers, including any Democrats who have passively permitted this to happen, the United States of America is dead. Those who are convicted should have the maximum penalty of law applied to them with no mercy and we should broadcast photographs of their hooded bodies swinging from the gallows around the world as a signal that we have returned to our ideals and our precepts and that we have excised this cancer on our history.

We are getting perilously close to the time when armed revolt against our lawless government is the only remaining option.

There's an old saying from the hippie days, "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

It's time to choose. Where are you going to draw the line?


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