Monday, March 19, 2007

looking back

Four years.

3218 American lives.
25,000 Americans wounded.
150,000 Iraqis as "collateral damage."
400 billion dollars already spent - and no end in sight.

We could have:
Given every American premium health care.
Made the United States energy-independent.
Repaired our crumbling national infrastructure.
Cared for the hungry people of the entire world.
Revitalized our sagging national education system.
AND given everyone in the country a brand-new car.

Instead, we are the most feared and mistrusted nation on the planet. We are becoming the largest banana republic in history. Our "representatives" in government are gorging themselves at the trough of taxpayer dollars and steering the country to suit their private desires. Osama bin Laden is still at large. The "war on terror" has proven to be the most massive fraud and boondoggle ever perpetrated, and this administration has proven to be the most corrupt in history.

Impeach the bastard.


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