Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some day my candidate will come...

I've had a mini epiphany this evening. I'll try to explain in case you want to follow along and make the leap with me.

In June 2006, I was fortunate enough to see Greg Palast speak to a group of concerned citizens, while on his "Armed Madhouse" tour.

During his talk Mr. Palast said, rather than presidential candidates entering the race in hopes of presenting a platform that the American people might embrace, what America needs is someone who can listen to what the American people are saying and offer understanding, support and solutions. I'm not sure those are the exact words that Palast used, but it's what I processed.

He said if a strong person came along, understanding what America really longs for in terms of policy and leadership and expressed those needs and solutions in a clear and committed way, the American public, longing for a leader that listens, thinks and truly cares, would rally behind them and propel them into office. I think he's right.

Hillary is trying very hard, but Obama and Gore are the ones that can be considered committed without being calculated. They're humble and unassuming by comparison.

Obama declared after great urging from the public. A year ago he said he was too inexperienced to run. He thought it folly but he seems to have been thrust into it. Gore has not declared his candidacy, but every day he tells us what's happening in our nation and in our world and tells us how we can make a difference. He ducks the joking and the speculation, but continues to listen and work.

So, as I'm writing this I'm really going out on a limb. I think Al Gore may be the one to fill the top slot on the ticket--the one to be compelled, nay, propelled into the oval office. Maybe I’ll be accused of smoking something. Perhaps I’ll admit later that, though I was not smoking something, I can understand why someone might think that.

My call? Gore/Obama in '08 and, perhaps again, in '12, if they do a good job. If so, we could be set up for Obama/whoever in '16 and '20. We can straighten this mess out and take our country back.

Am I dreamin’?


Blogger Ronni said...

I've been having that same dream.

I may run afoul of other women here, but I don't like Hilary as a candidate.

Give a man an Oscar, and there ain't no tellin' how far he can go!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

Okay, after discussion with an associate last evening we're considering the possibility of flipping the ticket and having Obama/Gore. Obama as the front man, with the experienced Gore as his experienced adviser, may be more electable. Gore can coach the charismatic young man from the land of Lincoln and still have time to continue his dedication to halting the global warming machine.

Whaddya think?

9:54 AM  
Blogger Blane Conklin said...

I read this just now (3/4), but had a similar epiphany recently (i.e., Gore/Obama).

On Gore as VP: I don't see him accepting that role ever again. It's all or nothing.

On Hilary: I think she would be fine, but personally I think it is time to move beyond the Clinton-Bush era. (This assumes that Gore is sufficiently distinguishable from that era, which may or may not be the case.)

I'm just jonesing for Obama in either slot in '08.

5:23 PM  

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