Sunday, March 18, 2007

bad juju

I have seen the future and it is bleak.

The trap that George Bush has left his likely Democratic successor is even deeper than the immediately obvious. The only thing that has been keeping our teetering stock market afloat is the economic boost being artificially provided by the war in Iraq. As soon as the next president starts to put an end to the war, the market will experience at least a two thousand-point drop, interest rates will rise, energy prices will go through the roof, the dollar will fall dramatically, and the only option we have is to grit our teeth and bear it. Needless to say, the Republicans will have a field day, heaping the blame for all of the havoc on the hapless recipient of the inevitable fruits of the Bush administration's "policies."

Impeach the bastard now, while we still have the chance. After he's out of office he will suffer no consequences of his misbegotten presidency.


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

they'll all be living in Dubai, the bastards....

9:56 PM  

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