Thursday, January 18, 2007

victory is... ours!

Our decider-in-chief has stated on many occasions that success in Iraq would mean that a democratic government similar to that of the United States was finally in power.

And what appears in the news today but Iraq president Nouri Al-Maliki, responding to Condoleezza Rice's remarks about the lack of control his government had in the country, saying that the current Iraqi government was living "on borrowed time."

"I believe that such statements give moral boosts to the terrorists and push them towards making an extra effort and making them believe that they have defeated the American administration, but I can tell you that they haven't defeated the Iraqi government."

Boy, they learn fast, don't they? That sounds exactly like the line that dubya and his crew have been peddling the last several years.

It seems to me that we have succeeded in installing a government exactly like the one we have here in the United States. That means we have won. We can bring our troops home with "Mission Accomplished" banners.

Smells like victory, indeed.


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