Thursday, October 05, 2006

Republican Party To Check Into Rehab....

For once, I think laying fairly low on this one is the best thing the Dems can do right now. That may change but, the evangelical vote may turn on the R's because of this. If the democrats leave the gnashing and wailing to the republicans, the R's will continue to hurt themselves with the moderate and progressive voters, and will have shown the Christian right that they'd protect a gay child molester to keep their power. I think Hastert MUST go, or the will lose their grasp completely. The R's have painted themselves into a corner on this one and I don't think the D's need to offer a hand. The R's need to purge those who knew and make the sacrifice— "we were wrong but we did it because we were addicted to power"--the equivalent of checking the whole party into rehab.

If the Dems scream too loud, they'll be perceived by the right as acknowledging that gays are bad. Of course, that would not be the true message but the press has already shown their propensity to manipulate the facts (ie "Former Congressman, Mark Foley, (D-FL)") and could easily place emphasis in just the right places to change perception, I can see the headlines “Dems turn on gays in congress”.

I still have to wonder if this is this October surprise. It was well-enough timed to shield Condi from public scrutiny and repercussions over her OBVIOUS dereliction of duty over Al Qaeda's threat in the run up to 9/11. It’s been VERY quiet on that front, because, once again, the family values card trumps national security and deaths of thousands of Americans. I think, if the repubs clean house quickly they might gain back some ground on this Foley scandal. If they get the gay child molester out of congress they've got to earn SOME points back. Perhaps a sort of Munchausen by proxy scenario.

on another note, can someone please tell me why they waited until TODAY to go get Foley's computer? That should have been pulled days ago. He's probably had an expert in to change out the hard drive by now...sheesh.


Blogger Ronni said...

Let's give him every opportunity to weasel out of it. At least, we don't want to see who else is incriminated on his computer.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Ronni said...

That's what he Party is saying, anyway.

12:22 AM  

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