Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday cat-blogging

Last week I introduced my baby, my little marmalade kitty named Katie. Last year, a charming rogue named Snickers wooed my baby girl and last February, she presented me with three beautiful kittens. Sadly, one of them didn't make it out of kittenhood but today I have two wonderful grandkitties. One is Doodie, a little female silver tabby who is Kate Hudson to her mom's Goldie Hawn. They are unmistakeably similar, and yet they are unique individuals. Doodie's brother is Monchy, a blue-eyed white tom with gold-colored points like a Siamese that are exactly the same shade and texture of gold as his mother. They are both just as wonderful as their mom, and I am so happy to know that even when my middle-aged little girl finally shuffles off this mortal coil that I will still have her babies to console me. Hakuna matata...


Blogger Ronni said...

Cats are wonderful! I'll have to figure out which one I haven't shown off in a while!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

Hmm...maybe we can join you in the Friday cat-bloggin each week. I'll bet we all have some good stories and pics to share.

Good for the soul.......

10:53 AM  

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