Wednesday, August 16, 2006

still the one

Bill Clinton, in a recent interview, pointed out that the situation the Bush administration has mired us in by occupying Iraq has no real bearing in the inaptly named "War on Terror." Mr. Clinton was quoted as saying that if we were trying to take down the people who attacked the United States, "why do we have seven times as many troops in Iraq as we do in Afghanistan?"

Tony Snow, the latest in a long line of hand puppets who occupy the White House press liaison position, responded with snippy self-righteous indignation, "he doesn't know what we are doing over there! He has no way to know!"

That's odd. It has always been my understanding that there is really no such thing as ex-presidents, all that exists are former presidents, and that all former presidents are still entitled to current intelligence and operational briefings because they can be useful and helpful during times of national need.

Now, Bill Clinton is an inquisitive person who keeps his finger on the pulse of world affairs, and stays active and involved with projects around the planet.

Bill Clinton not taking advantage of the ability to learn things that few other people are privy to in a time of precipitous world crises is more ludicrous than Ann "Thrax" Coulter screeching that he is gay.


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