Monday, April 10, 2006

this land is our land

Evidently, a half-million people thought that the Bush administration's policies on immigration in this country were worth protesting en masse in Washington, D.C. today. Peaceful marches and demonstrations took place in dozens of cities around the United States, composed of ordinary people from all walks of life getting out and showing their support for what our nation is really all about, strength through diversity, not conformity, and welcoming the less fortunate who come here to build lives for themselves and their families and who end up making this a better land in the process instead of sowing the seeds of division and distrust the way our current "leaders" are.

This is America at its finest. I couldn't be prouder of my countrymen. Maybe we do have a chance after all. It seems that the people haven't forgotten what we stand for, even if our leaders have.

Hope is the bedrock we are built upon.


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