Wednesday, December 21, 2005

dueling roundheads

After the last couple of days of bullshit from our government officials, I have finally decided that the two chief political parties in this country need to change their mascots in order to choose new, more accurate representations of who they are personally and politically.

The Democrats need to adopt Charlie Brown as their mascot and lose the donkey. Charlie Brown is well-meaning and good-hearted and always willing to try to kick that football, but he lacks the guts to do much, if anything, about the stupidity and mendacity he sees around him.

The Republicans need to adopt Eric Cartman as their mascot and get rid of the elephant. Cartman is vile and self-serving, has no integrity and no ideals, and he is willing to use any tactics to achieve his own goals. The concepts of honesty and fair play and the needs of others mean nothing to him if anything stands between him and his desires.

Cartoons to represent our political system. Unflattering, but appropriate.


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