Tuesday, December 20, 2005

here's what

What's the matter with Kansas?

Pat Roberts, for one thing. He has now accused Jay Rockefeller of releasing his letter notifying Dick Cheney of his grave concerns about spying on American citizens without authorization of the courts as being "politically" motivated, saying that Rockefeller has supported the program up until now. First of all, Roberts offers only his word as evidence that Rockefeller supported this illegal spying as recently as a few weeks ago, and his word has been demonstrated time after time to not be reliable. More importantly, Roberts' scenario would mean that Rockefeller wrote this incredibly explosive letter after somehow seeing that in the future it could be politically useful and also went to the trouble of keeping a sealed copy on file for over two years with the sole intent of using it as a political chip at a much later date.

Idiots like that run things in Kansas. That's what's the matter with Kansas.


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