Tuesday, August 30, 2005

insult to injury

As the magnitude of the destruction caused by hurricane Katrina becomes clear, it is obvious that the financial impact of this powerful storm could be on the order of fifty billion dollars, and will require millions of man-hours of hard work to restore the affected areas to normalcy. As president Dark W. Helmet paraded around California selling his Social Security decimation plan and pretending to be a country music star while scarcely even mentioning the beating the gulf states had taken, many of the residents of the Gulf Coast are starting to realize that if the U.S government doesn't come in with some big help immediately, vast areas of the southern United States will resemble post-tsunami Indian Ocean cities for a long time.

With the underwhelming initial generosity our feckless leader demonstrated to the areas affected by the tsunami event, one can only wonder what effect that kind of empty gesture by the very "man of god" that these red-staters voted for will have on their perceptions about whether or not he was actually the right choice to make in the last election and really has any concern for them or their problems at all, as long as his friends in the petro/military/industrial complex are satisfied.

Of course, if all else fails, they can still pray. It can't be any less effective than George.


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