Thursday, January 13, 2005

more than one Chappaquiddick

Since the questionable elections, Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy has been more vocal about the serious shortcomings of the Bush league. Predictably, right-wing miscreants have been making snide comments meant to insinuate that Mr. Kennedy has no ethics or morals, which they seem to feel is proven by pointing to a tragic, nearly forty year-old auto accident for which these pundits are upset there were no legal penalties.

I fail to understand why if that long-ago incident is so important, the same know-it-alls don't remind us of the early evening of November 6, 1963, when the future Laura Bush killed young Michael Douglas by running a stop sign and slamming into his Corvair at such a speed that he was ejected from the vehicle and broke his neck. No charges were filed, and the accident reports contained illegible entries effectively obscuring important information leading to reasonable speculation that the police were complicit in covering up the facts.

So, we can assume these same pundits feel that Laura Bush is on the same level of respectability as Ted Kennedy, right?


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