Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Boxer balls

It's truly depressing to see that of all of the Democrats, Senator Barbara Boxer is the only one with any real testicles. Watching her fearlessly confront a visiblty seething, evil-eyed Condolleezza Rice at Rice's confirmation hearings was finally seeing the true face of America manifest itself in government. Her gutsy use of Rice's own words against herself, her willingness to say in so many words that Rice was guilty of playing both sides of the fence and contradicting herself and her administration, the gusto she exhibited in slapping Rice down when she protested that her "integrity" was being maligned, all of these make me think that this is exactly the kind of person that needs to be responsible for crafting and guiding the policy of the Democratic party. This is the kind of person that can show the conservatives what American values really are. Bravo, Barbara Boxer, you are the beacon that we need!


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