Monday, November 08, 2004

Who is John Galt?

Lately I've seen some people practically arguing for the nation to split into two countries, Redstateland and Bluestateland, based on the logic that the Red states, the conservative, fundamentalist, homophobic and xenophobic people that so support our intellectually challenged leader, are basically living parasitically off of the efforts of the Blue states. While I can't independently attest to the factuality, I've seen it claimed that the Blue states generate three or four times the tax revenues of the country that the Red states do, and contribute in an equivalent manner to the GNP. Well, if we have that much economic power, let's not secede, let's do an "Atlas Shrugged." So, to every liberal and progressive in the Blue states, continue to live the way you have but don't spend a dime of your own money in any Red states. Don't visit the southeastern United States on vacations, don't go to Hawaii, don't go to Nashville, to Branson, to Kansas City, to New Orleans, to Florida, don't patronize mail-order or internet businesses that are based in those states, don't buy goods made in those states, don't support them beyond what they earn from each other and from what the federal government provides. It would be most interesting to see if they were as scornful of the Blue-staters after their economic lifeblood slowed to a trickle.

Who is John Galt?


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