Sunday, November 07, 2004

this is why

I've been noticing a lot of people saying things that all mean we should be nice to John Kerry for the way the election went. I'm sorry, but I'm extremely upset with John Kerry, and I'll explain why. Kerry knew two years ago that this race would be as close and hard-fought as the 2000 election was, when Gore finally relented after a few weeks, with the same "for the good of the country" explanation that Kerry gave last week. The good of the country is fine, but the problem is that in less than twelve hours after the last polling places in the United States closed, Kerry backed down. He vowed to us that he would stay in until the end, until the last vote was counted, and in the end, he wilted in less time than most of us spend in a day at work. It's not like he didn't know that the Republicans would not give up the presidency without a battle, it almost seems like he just decided that since he didn't get an overwhelming majority in the election that the battle wasn't worth fighting. Come on, give us at least the attempt that Al gave us. He knew the stakes in this election were incredibly high and could directly change the course of civilization on this planet, and yet in the amount of time that Super Bowl television coverage lasts, he backed out. I expected more from a warrior, from a decorated veteran, from a man known as a "closer" by people from both parties, from a man that has been fighting for years for the chance to run this country. The bottom line is, he didn't want it as much as the Republican machine did. Sun Tsu said "the most determined wins," and unfortunately for America, it wasn't John Kerry.


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