Monday, November 15, 2004

don't bother to write

Goodbye, Colin Powell. With the announcement today that Mr. Powell has tendered his resignation as Secretary of State, I can only say "it's about time." Mr. Powell, who had what seemed to be a well-deserved reputation for unimpeachable integrity at the beginning of Bush's term in office, has sullied himself beyond redemption in the last four years. His speech at the United Nations Security Council meeting during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, where he presented bogus evidence with the contention that it was unassailable was a disgrace to both him and to our formerly honorable and respected nation. His constant public yes-man affirmations of Bush's martial aspirations discouraged any possibility that he was providing any other point of view to the president, and his abject silence at the numerous violations of international law that this government has indulged itself in demonstrate that he sadly does seem to play the part of the "house negro" that people more vituperative than me have compared him to. Mr. Powell, we were counting on you. We expected better of you, the nation needed better of you, you should have demanded better of yourself, but when the time came to speak the truth you chose to be a lap dog instead of displaying the courage and guts that one would expect of a decorated military hero. For shame, Mr. Powell, for shame. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, and if you are tempted to speak the truth now, don't bother. You have dishonored yourself. Your personal credibility has evaporated, and the simple fact is that we know you are not to be trusted any more. In other words, Colin Powell, thanks for nothing.


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