Sunday, November 14, 2004

if you can call that lucky

I have always believed, by virtue of it being the simplest explanation, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only actual assassin involved in the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the grievous injuries to Governor of Texas John Connally, and it was gratifying to see the ease with which the "magic bullet" was nearly perfectly replicated on tonight's fascinating Discovery Channel re-creation of the shooting. The simple fact that an identical bullet can penetrate forty-two inches of wood and remain virtually unscathed should take the bite out of anybody's argument to the impossibility of that occurring with one of these sturdy military rounds. However, that doesn't mean that Oswald wasn't accountable to and acting at the behest or with the assistance of another party or parties, it just means that he was a good shot who got lucky that fateful day.


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