Sunday, October 17, 2004

up the "auntie"

If the reports in the New York Times Magazine are indeed true, George Bush recently told an elite Republican gathering that if re-elected, he will work on, among other things, "privatizing Social Security." Something tells me if that quote is true, our functionally literate president will have a big problem at the polls in states with large senior populations - say, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

George, we'll see your "lesbian" and raise you several million pissed-off AARP members.


Blogger Fenrir the Wolf said...

Bush certainly wouldn't win himself any favors talking about Social Security, the "third rail" of American politics, but in a way the imcompent bozo is right. The only way Social Security will be viable when I retire in say...2050, is if it is partially private, but with the safety of U.S Saving Bonds. Currently, the SS system will be financially insolvent in 20 years. I do think Kerry could fix the problem, but his rhetoric right now makes it sound like he won't

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