Saturday, October 16, 2004

does W stand for witless?

Having just seen yet another Republican blowhard try to pretend that Bush's lack of English skills is not indicative of a lack of intelligence, I can only say one thing.


It is.

It is EXACTLY indicative of that. His inability to put together clear syntax demonstrates his inability to clearly conceptualize and to articulate a logical series of premises and conclusions. His limited vocabulary means he has a limited selection of concepts. His inability to spell words correctly or to use them properly shows that he does not read very much, which also limits the breadth and depth of his universe of ideas. I could understand if the president had acquired English as his second language, that would only mean that he hadn't caught up to his native tongue in linguistic proficiency, but this man has been sent to some top-shelf educational institutions and he still can't pronounce the simple word "nuclear?" Please, I don't need any more to tell that this president isn't even as bright as a small appliance bulb.


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