Saturday, October 16, 2004

Freudian petticoat

Great footage from a Bush campaign speech today. Free to play cowboy and talk tough with John Kerry safely off-stage somewhere else and not able to spank him publicly as he did in the debates, George played to the base again, leading to this humorous and revealing exchange.

The president looked out over the crowd, putting on his best macho act, grinding his teeth and squinting, and said firmly "we will not have an all-volunteer Army." The usual vigorous applause and cheers began, but rapidly petered out as the actual meaning of the words dawned on the audience members. The president, looked perplexed for a long and uncomfortable pet goat moment, then realized what he had said. He immediately followed up by saying "uh, wait, let me restate that, we will not have a draft!" This time the crowd recognized it for the correct talking point and went wild with cheers as the comfortable old deceptions wrapped them like a plain Republican cloth coat. The Bushies are so rabid, they cheer even when our dunce of a president tells them the opposite of what they are supposed to believe and accidentally exposes the truth.


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