Sunday, October 24, 2004

singing a different tune

In a hilarious distraction from the political and international scene right now, Ashlee Simpson appeared on Saturday Night Live. A delightful demonstration of reality occurred when the audio staff fed the wrong pre-recorded track to the stage and audience for her second "performance" of the evening. It was the same song she had "performed" earlier, which apparently left her no options other than abashedly exiting the stage and later blaming the incident on her band, telling the audience they had started "playing the wrong song." Well, somebody had a musical problem, but not the band. Ashlee, hon, this is what happens sometimes when you are only pretending to have talent. Remember "Milli Vanilli?" You see, real musicians at your age are few and very far between. It takes years for a real musician to create and develop their musical identity. In your case, it took a famous sibling, a stylist, a greedy entertainment industry, and a cadre of uninformed youth easily manipulated to covet slickly packaged products and a uniform willingness to grovel before the next big fad. Ashlee, perhaps if you start practicing at being a musician, sometime down the road you may not have to worry about reality intruding into your performances, because your performances will be the reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ashlee got nailed on something that is common practice these days. We all have to wonder how many of these artists truly have talent and how many are only manufactured illusions. Watch the talk show interviews, televised concerts, and even live performances. It is obvious that lip synching seems to be the prefered method of delivery. Is it artists with no talent or is it the publics refusal to accept anything less than recording perfection, even at a live event?

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